Learning Journeys




Even infants are encouraged to explore their world. Our space and curriculum is designed to help your baby navigate their new sensory world. In our infant classrooms you’ll find soft textures, colors, and toys that encourage young ones to engage new sounds, shapes, and motor skills.

We use the HighScope Key Developmental Indicators (KDI) as a basis for planning and developing activities that are appropriate to the growing child. These activities provide experiences that allow your baby to learn in an active environment that facilitates their transition from infancy to toddlerhood. To help facilitate this transition, we provide a safe, grounded space for your baby to make sense of their surroundings and learn to communicate with others around them.



Toddlers experience tremendous physical and social growth in a short amount of time. Our toddler classroom learning journey is planned to promote each child’s growing independence, to enhance social skills, and to build the confidence in their own ability to make decisions.

Our classroom is built with your active toddler in mind. Here you’ll find learning environments with room for plenty of physical activity, allow children to choose toys based on their preferences, play in small groups, use their imaginations, and participate in teacher-guided hands on artistic expression. There are reading nooks, sensory tables, great books, imaginative role-play areas, baskets filled with hands-on materials, musical instruments, and an outdoor natural playscape to explore.

Toddler Development

We use The High Scope Curriculum for toddlers, which encourages active learning experiences to match your child’s need to move. Expect your child to:

  • Develop friendships with their classmates
  • Apply cause-and-effect relationships to their actions
  • Learn language and early literacy skills to better express their needs and preferences
  • Explore hands-on art, music, movement and dramatic play
  • Be exposed to concepts like comparisons, measurement, time, distance, direction, and cause-effect
  • Master practical real-world skills

Your toddler will also enjoy carefully chosen songs, and read-aloud books with poetry, real stories and beautiful illustrations. They will experience autonomy and freedom as they learn to express their ideas and feelings in words. This thoughtful approach to learning will prepare toddlers for preschool and beyond.



Let the child’s innate curiosity lead their exploration - that’s our motto for our preschool learning journey classroom. Your child will learn alongside supportive teachers who encourage each student with one-on-one instruction and conversation. We work with your child’s natural preferences to craft a learning journey fit for them.

Preschooler Development

This plays out in several areas throughout the school day. Using our HighScope curriculum, we encourage:

  • Active learning - lessons include tangible elements
  • Fostering independence - we encourage your child to build a foundation for good decisions and practice making choices on their own
  • Cooperative skills - beyond simply learning to share with their peers, your child will learn what it’s like to work as a team
  • Communication - encourage verbal and non-verbal expression with peers and teachers
  • Literacy and number concepts - using our High Scope Curriculum to introduce your preschooler to early math and reading skills to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond

Expect your child to expand their educational, interpersonal, and decision-making horizons in a safe environment that gives them space as they grow.