Our Campus

Our custom-designed facility encourages your child to explore their space. Our classrooms take cues from
nature and apply a minimalistic approach. Here, you’ll find soft colors, large windows for plenty of natural
light, work and play intertwined, and open access to learning tools displayed on open shelving. Meant
to enhance the learning experience, not distract, this stripped-down environment provides a comfortable,
familiar space for your child to explore and learn. We embrace order and beauty and encourage your
child as they discover what inspires them.


Natural Playscape

Outside, children have access to a natural playscape to expand their imaginations and just be kids. Here, they’ll play in our discovery areas, splash in fountains, learn about plants and animals in the garden, or explore the paths that seamlessly unite all areas of play. Free of typical metal playground structures, your child will experience sounds and textures that occur in the natural world. They are encouraged to grow motor skills through by tangibly engaging with the elements.




During the winter months, we have an indoor open gym space for physical activity. Students are able to run, participate in yoga classes and other group physical activities when the weather is too harsh for outdoor play.  



Our facility features a monitored security system with all doors locked at all times. Parents and teachers access entry via electronic card reader device.  We secure the campus and building with 24/7 security footage in every room and multiple exterior locations to ensure the safety of every child.



We are both physically and virtually accessible. The Voyage is located just outside of Des Moines in Grimes, Iowa conveniently situated along Highway 141, providing quick drop-off and pick-up for families located in Grimes, Des Moines, Johnston and surrounding areas. During the day, parents will receive classroom updates, announcements, and personalized check-ins on their child’s activities and habits.